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    Stretch Wrapping Machine Manufacturing

    As Damla Machinery; We manufacture automatic and manual stretch wrapping machines, pallet stretch wrapping machines for fast and robust packaging of your pallets and products of different sizes. In addition to the production and installation of pallet stretch wrapping machines, water, fruit juice, etc. We implement the projects of conveyor belts, conveyor lines, air, water and electrical installations in the packaging production facilities with our expert engineers and technicians.

    The stretch wrapping machine model requested by each facility varies according to the product produced and the packaging quantity. We manufacture and install pallet stretch wrapping machine models of all sizes. With the information provided by the facility requesting pallet stretch wrapping machine or as a result of the discovery made by our engineers at the facility, we present the stretch wrapping project based on the cost / efficiency principle. While determining the price of the stretch wrapping machine, we prepare a stretch wrapping machine specific to the facility with the volume and size information of the product in a package.