Shrink Machines

shrink makinası


As Damla Machinery; shrink machines, automatic shire Link machines, manual machines shrink, overlap shrink machines are doing the manufacturing. We   provide service and spare parts services of our shrink machines, which are our own production and used safely in the Middle East, Balkans and Africa within our company. In addition to the manufacturing and installation of our Shrink machines, water, fruit juice, etc. We implement the projects of conveyor belts, conveyor lines, air, water and electrical installations in the packaging production facilities with our expert engineers and technicians.


Shrink Machine Models & Prices

The shrink model demanded by each facility varies according to the product it produces.

We offer 0.5 litre – 20 litre packaging within the shrink machine models.

With the information provided by the facility requesting the shrink machine

or as a result of the discovery made by our engineers at the facility, we present the shrink project based on the cost / efficiency principle. While determining the shrink machine price, we prepare the facility-specific shrink price with the structure of the filling and packaging line, the number of products to be packaged, and the information per liter.

Damla Makina Shrink Packaging Machine working video.