Electrostatic Powder Coating

Damla Makina Boya; It carries out projects, manufacturing and applications in the electrostatic powder coating and machinery sector. Together with our company managers, technical team and employees who have adopted the principle of customer satisfaction, we are proud to have successfully completed the projects we have signed since 2013, when our company was established.

elektrostatik boya elektrostatik toz boyaElectrostatic Powder Coating Oven Dimensions


2000 X 2300 X 6200
2000 X 2300 X 3500

All electrostatic paint works up to 2 tons of weight are done carefully.

We have special discounts for your high volume jobs.

10% discount is made on your cash or money order payments.


With our expert staff in the field, we also provide services for your products to be painted, such as welding and cleaning.


We protect and deliver your dyed products by covering them with stretch to protect them from environmental conditions.













Advantages of Electrostatic Powder Coating


Powder coating usage efficiency is close to 100%. The excess paint is collected with the recovery system and reused. Therefore, it is more economical.

Ease of Automation

Three important factors that make powder coating well suited for automated plants:

  • Electrostatically charged powder paint adheres completely to the material to be coated with its “static” effect.
  • Fully penetrates corners and spaces.
  • Powder paint does not flow.

Perfect Coating

  • The polymerization of the powder paint allows the paint to adhere to the material during the firing process. The resulting coating shows excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, chemical effects and impacts.
  • As a result of continuous research by powder paint manufacturers, important advantages such as color, brightness, texture, durability and ease of application have been gained.